A new job with side benefits

I had a really great chance to get into budtending. If you don’t know what budtending is, it is like a bartender, but for marijuana. In order to become a budtender, just like anything else, I needed education on budtending. So I went to school to become a budtender. This was not held at a regular college obviously as not everywhere in the country is legal to smoke marijuana yet. But this education course I took on becoming a budtender was very helpful and gave me a lot of education on marijuana and different ways to distribute and dispense hemp. In order to graduate from budtending education to become a budtender it took only one single month! That is less time than going to get education on any other trade in the world. Once I was done with my education on marijuana and being a budtender I went to work at a place that needed a budtending professional. The side benefits of this gig as a budtender was that I got free marijuana! That part was totally awesome. I am a recreational marijuana smoker, and this was something I could learn to really dig. Being able to smoke marijuana for free and not having to buy it was the best part! But that was not the main reason I got education in marijuana and becoming a budtender. I was actually interested to know more information about the benefits of marijuana. That was actually what started my interest in budtending. Since I was already a recreational marijuana smoker, it all fell into place perfectly.
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