Crazy memories of my youth

Man did we end up doing some crazy things back when I was a teenager.

I remember 1 time when my parents went away I threw this entirely important new home party! It was preferred to something out of a 77’s teen comedy movie! Everyone who showed up brought over tons of beer plus marijuana, however the two of us were all a bunch of marijuana smokers, but my 1 friend was growing hemp in his basement with a heat lamp, so the people I was with and I had large amounts of maruijuana for everyone who came.

It was entirely awesome at the time! I remember at this new home party around four of us went into my washroom, closed the door plus just lit up plus fishbowled the entire washroom with marijuana! The two of us were all high as a kite by the time the people I was with and I got out of there. The main problem was, I needed to clear out the whole new home of the maijuana smoke before my parents got home. Too bad in those old days there wasn’t any education available on pot smoking plus the way to hide it or clear it out of a house! Marijuana education plus anything in those afternoons were not allowed. I’m entirely dating my age here, then at this same new home party the people I was with and I made a new home made water bong out of a cut up gallon cup of milk plus a bathtub filled with water. It was entirely wild as ever! I never smoke marijuana this week, plus I don’t think anyone who is growing hemp! Growing hemp this week is legal in many states, however wow how the times have switched up!


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