I know the products very well at our cannabis dispensary

Before trying to get a job at a local cannabis dispensary, I realized that I was going to have to get some proper cannabis education first.

  • I have a few friends who work at various cannabis dispensaries and they say that you must get your budtender training course before you can even work there.

I wondered if it were possible to get my cannabis education online though, so I decided to search for that. I was happy when I found a really great online budtender training course for a very good price. There were a few other good cannabis education courses online as well and I thought I might decide to go for those courses later on as I advanced my career. Before I knew it I was finished with my budtender online training course and I was able to get a few interviews at some reputable cannabis dispensaries. I ended up taking the job at this particular cannabis dispensary where one of my buddies worked. He was happy that I finally got my cannabis education and was able to get on the team. I really appreciated how this cannabis dispensary did business and with such a nice variety of cannabis products. I was easily able to help all the customers find exactly what they were looking for with my acquired knowledge of all the cannabis products we had. Even if we didn’t have exactly what the customer was looking for, I was able to suggest other cannabis products that were similar to what they wanted. I made an effort to sample all of the cannabis strains, so I knew the products very well.

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