I will continue growing pot until the day I die

Ever since I was young, all I ever wanted to do was grow pot.

Seriously, cannabis has changed my life in a positive way. People would always say that smoking cannabis was a really terrible thing, yet nobody has died from smoking cannabis and countless people keep dying from smoking cigarettes. I was always disgusted with cigarettes, with all the toxic chemicals they put in those things. It’s no wonder that people are dying from choosing to smoke those cancer causing sticks. That’s another thing that has always boggled me, the fact that cigarettes remained legal while cannabis was made illegal for so long and it wasn’t even killing anybody. The truth is that cannabis is safer than caffeine because it is not addictive and it has so many medicinal benefits. There are many studies that show that cannabis kills cancer cells, so if cannabis is taken in a concentrated extract, it potentially can cure many types of cancer. These are the types of studies that we should be doing on cannabis, but as it remains illegal on the federal level, it’s difficult to see a lot of these studies through. It’s whatever though, I know how good cannabis is, I always have, even long before they started making it legal in many places in the country. All you really need to do is see how it helps you, and you will know that it really is a good medicine. I love growing my own cannabis plants and I have been growing pot for the longest time. I have tried so many fantastic strains and I will keep on doing so until the day I die.


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