I wish I could grow for the cannabis dispensaries

I had a really great dream the other night.

It was about cannabis and everybody finally getting access to it.

They legalized cannabis in the entire world in my dream and everybody was so much happier. They ended all the wars so we could finally experience something known as world peace. That sounds impossible to achieve, but in my dream, we were able to achieve it with the legalization of cannabis. Everybody had beautiful cannabis gardens and people would laugh and smoke together. There were cannabis dispensaries everywhere you went, just like there are fast food restaurants everywhere. It was funny too because even the fast food restaurants were getting more business because more people were smoking cannabis or enjoying the edibles from the cannabis dispensaries. Even I had a beautiful garden and I was growing for some of the local cannabis dispensaries, and making pretty good money in the process. It was such an awesome dream but I’m not sure if that would ever happen realistically speaking. I think we are on the right path by making more people aware of the benefits of cannabis, but world peace might be a long way to go. In the meantime, I think I would really love to move to a state where they have legalized cannabis and grow for the cannabis dispensaries. That would be something of a dream come true for me. I am currently stuck at a dead end job and I feel like I am getting nowhere with my life. At least I get medical cannabis for my chronic pain, which is a nice relief.


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