I would be so much happier with access to cannabis dispensaries

There was a time when I had a really scary dream.

I actually was growing some cannabis plants in my house and then a raid of police officers came to my place and broke down my door.

They evidently got some complaint about the smell of my cannabis plants and they tore apart my home looking for cannabis and killed all of my beautiful plants. Luckily, this was just a dream, but it had me thinking about what was best for me. I always believed in the benefits of cannabis and unfortunately, it is still not legal in my state to raise your own cannabis plants. The good news is that if you break these cannabis laws, it is decriminalized so you basically just get a slap on the wrist. But I have been thinking about moving to another state where they have reasonable laws. I don’t understand why the laws about cannabis are so different everywhere, but you can learn about the laws on a website called NORML.ORG. This is a website that has been pro cannabis for the longest time and they push and work hard to have people learn the numerous benefits of cannabis. I wish my state would quit hesitating about legalizing cannabis and just do it, but it seems they never will. I honestly can’t wait to move because finally I will be able to go to cannabis dispensaries instead of having to grow my own cannabis. Also, I will have some of the top quality cannabis flowers at the cannabis dispensaries, and I would be so much happier.


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