It really is true that things are better when you use cannabis

I remember watching funny movies about cannabis like ‘Half Baked’ or ‘How High’.

While I always enjoyed watching movies like that, I never really got into the whole cannabis culture.

It wasn’t until I watched one of those movies again roughly a year ago when I was thinking, what could it hurt? There was this guy who kept asking people if they ever did certain things when they were ‘high’ and he just went on about how amazing it was. I thought I could at least try some things high and see what the whole fuss was about. I decided to go to a local cannabis dispensary and pick up some edibles because I never was big into smoking. I was happy that I was able to have that option. I had some cannabis infused cookies that I got from the cannabis dispensary and I went to the movie theatre. I thought it would be just fine because it’s dark and they’re only cookies. Those cookies were so good, I decided to eat two of them. I didn’t feel anything at first but then about halfway through the movie, it just hit me. Suddenly, all of the parts of the movie were incredibly funny to me, even parts were I probably shouldn’t have been laughing. Like when the people were at a funeral, I couldn’t help but laugh and I can’t even say for sure why. The cannabis cookies were strong and I realized I probably shouldn’t have eaten so much. My whole day was enjoyable though and it really was amazing trying cannabis like that. I think it’s true what they say, things are better when you use cannabis.

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