It would be awesome to own my own cannabis dispensary one day

I remember laughing hysterically when my girlfriend and I were watching a video on YouTube about a call from a police officer who had tried cannabis edibles.

He honestly thought he was going to die because he actually believed the lies about cannabis being dangerous.

I don’t know why he decided to try the cannabis edibles, but he took way more than what he could handle. Cannabis edibles can be entirely strong, but no matter how much you take, it can’t harm you. You might be blazed out of your mind, but the worst that can happen is that you fall asleep or eat a lot of munchies. This officer ended up going to the hospital, slept off the high from the edibles, and then he was fired from his job. You’re not supposed to take drugs when you are a police officer or any regular job for that matter. You can’t even smoke cannabis if you work as a cannabis driver, at least not on the job. I actually am thinking about getting a job like that where I can just deliver cannabis to people for a living. I might not even mind working at the actual cannabis dispensary, but I hear that it requires certain amounts of education to become a budtender. Perhaps I will start out as a cannabis delivery driver and get my cannabis education and eventually move up the latter. Who knows, if I keep working at it, perhaps I can own my own cannabis dispensary one of these days. Then I could have people delivering cannabis products for me.


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