Mouth spray assists in the treatment of ADD

I have dealt with ADD and for years I used pills to help me.

All throughout school, I took adderall to help improve my focus.

I hated being dependent on medications and worried about the side-effects on my long-term health. For a long time, there was no other option for me. Just recently, my home state has legalized both medical and recreational marijuana. As soon as the first dispensary opened up, I made the trip to buy some cannabis products. I consulted with the budtender about my concerns with ADD. I wanted to find something to help me focus and stay calm. I was unwilling to smoke cannabis through. The idea of inhaling and having smoke drawn into my lungs didn’t appeal to me. I also hoped to avoid that high feeling. I was looking for a cannabis product that would provide a safe and medical solution for me. The budtender understood my issues and was knowledgeable enough to recommend the perfect option for me. There are mouth sprays available that contain CBD. The budtender told me to simply spray a few times each day. WheneverI feel myself concentration waver or I get jumpy, I just grab my spray and dose. The CBD in cannabis is what assists with concentration. I do not need to use a product that includes THC in it and end up with the high sensation. I have not needed to dose with adderall since trying the cannabis spray. I have thought about considering other cannabis products too. I am sure there are edibles that would work for me. I plan to ask my local bartender for further recommendations.

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