Mouth spray laced with CBD proves helpful in treating ADD

I suffer from ADD. I’ve had it for years and always relied on medication to help me. During school I took adderall to help with my concentration. I have never liked being reliant on a prescription and worried about the long-term effects. For a long time, the pills were the only option available to me. Just within the last year, my state legalized both medical and recreational marijuana. When the dispensary opened, I immediately made the drive to check out the cannabis products. I consulted with a very knowledgeable budtender about my ADD. I was looking for something to help me focus without worrying about side effects and addiction. I was reluctant to smoke cannabis. I don’t like the idea of inhaling anything into my lungs. I also was hoping to avoid that high feeling. I was searching for a safe and simple cannabis product to provide a medical solution for me. The budtender understood my concerns and recommended the ideal option for me. There are mouth sprays containing CBD. I just spray a few times per day. Basically, whenever I start to lose focus and get antsy, grab my spray and dose. The CBD in cannabis is what assists with concentration. I did not need to take a product that contains THC in it and end up getting high. I am happy with my mouth spray. I have not needed to turn to adderall since buying the cannabis. I have thought about sampling other options too. I know there are edibles that would be discreet. I will ask my local bartender to recommend something for me.


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