Mouth spray proves effective in treating ADD

I have ADD and for years, I relied on pills to treat my symptoms.

All during college, I relied on Adderall to improve my focus.

I hated being dependant on medications and worried about the long-term effects on my health. Unfortunately, that was the only thing available to me. Just recently, my state legalized both medical and recreational cannabis. When a dispensary opened up in my area, I made the very long drive to try some cannabis products. I consulted with the budtender and explained my ADD. I was looking for something to help me focus without side-effects. I did not want to smoke through. I don’t like the idea of inhaling any type of smoke into my lungs. I also hoped to avoid that high feeling. I was hoping the cannabis product would provide a safe and simple solution for me. The budtender understood my concerns and advocated the ideal product for me. He showed me the various mouth sprays that contain CBD. He instructed me to spray a few times per day. Anytime I feel myself lose focus or get jumpy, I spray. The CBD in cannabis helps with concentration. I don’t require a product that includes THC in it and so there is no high. I am satisfied with the mouth spray. I have not used Adderall since buying the cannabis spray. I may try other options. I would like to try edibles, brownies and maybe the oil. I plan to speak with the budtender and see what he recommends. I want to stick with a product that is fairly discreet.

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