Not everybody is looking for the high from THC

It wasn’t too long ago when a good buddy of mine convinced me that I should work at the cannabis dispensary.

He was telling me that when he applied to work there, he had to get proper cannabis sales training. He ended up taking a budtender training course which cost him quite a bit of money, but he said it was worth it because the money was good. Not only was the money good, but he enjoyed working with cannabis and teaching various customers about the different products. Now I definitely love cannabis products, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay a great deal of money to work at some place. He told me that I was able to relax though because now the cannabis dispensary was offering the budtender training course on site and it wasn’t nearly as much as it cost him. So I went to talk to the manager at the cannabis dispensary and I learned that I could take the cannabis training course for less than 100 bucks! Considering that my buddy paid over 300 bucks, I thought this was a pretty good deal. Not only would I be able to get a great job, but it would also mean I could work at any other cannabis dispensary in the state with the proper cannabis education under my belt. So I happily took the course and I learned a lot about all kinds of wonderful cannabis products. We even have some excellent CBD products including lotions, tinctures, sprays, and edibles. It’s important to know about these products because not everybody is looking for the high from THC. I was happy when I started my new job.


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