The memories I will never forget

Goodness did all of us do some wild things back when I was a teenager.

I remember 1 time when my parents went away I threw this entirely immense house party! It was love something out of an 77’s teen comedy movie! Everyone involved had brought over tons of beer & marijuana, however the people I was with and I were all a bunch of marijuana smokers, but my 1 neighbor was growing hemp in his basement with a heat lamp, so all of us had plenty of maruijuana to pass out.

It was entirely awesome at the time! I remember at this house celebration around three of us went into my lavatory, closed the door & just lit up & fishbowled the entire bathroom loaded with marijuana! The people I was with and I were all high as a kite by the time all of us got out of there. The only problem was, I needed to clear out the whole house of the maijuana smoke before my parents got back to the venue. Too poor in those afternoons there wasn’t any education available on pot ingesting & the way to hide it or clear it out of a house! Marijuana education & anything in those afternoons were illegal. I’m entirely dating my age here, and at this same house celebration all of us made a homemade water bong out of a cut up gallon carton of milk & a bathtub filled with water. It was entirely wild as ever! I don’t smoke marijuana today, & I have no clue who is growing hemp, and growing hemp today is legal in multiple states, wow how the times have changed!



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