There are nothing but good things about cannabis

When we look back on history, it’s crazy to see how they made the cannabis plant illegal.

The cannabis plant was always growing naturally all over the place.

It is a ‘weed’ afterall and weeds grow pretty much everywhere. So when they made the cannabis plant illegal, they had to go all over the place where these plants were growing and destroy them. It’s strange how that works, to declare war on a plant and then try to destroy its very existence. The messed up thing is that this plant is a natural and powerful medicine. It’s a good thing that people loved the cannabis plant so much and continued to grow the plant anyway despite the government choosing to go to war against it. People have been growing their own cannabis plants and creating all kinds of new strains over the years and now we have so many amazing cannabis strains these days because of those brave people who kept this wonderful plant growing. A lot of strains come from Amsterdam where they kept this wonderful plant legal and kept on producing some of the finest strains. Eventually Cannabis became legal in places like California and now it’s entirely legal in Canada as well. There really is no good reason for it being made illegal to begin with because there is nothing but good things about it. Even these days, I have my own little cannabis growing room and I have a few strains that I enjoy. It just always annoys me that the government has the audacity to tell people what they can and can’t put in their bodies. If people want to use natural medicine like cannabis, they should have the freedom to do so.
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