These are my favorite memories

Oh lord, did every one of us do some wild things back when I was a teenager, however i remember one time when my parents went away I threw this legitimately massive condo gathering! It was about something out of a 70’s teen comedy film! Everyone brought over tons of budweiser and marijuana, then we were all just some classic weed smokers.

My one neighbor was growing hemp in her basement with a heat lamp, so we ended up having tons of maruijuana to go around. It was legitimately awesome at the time! I remember at this condo gathering about 5 of us went into my bathroom, closed the door and just lit up and fishbowled the entire bathroom with marijuana! We were all high as a kite by the time we actually got out of there, however the only thing was, I needed to clear out the whole condo of the maijuana smoke before my parents got home. Too exhausting in those days there wasn’t any education available on pot smoking and the way to hide it or even clear it out of a house! Marijuana education and anything in those days were not allowed. I’m legitimately dating my age here, however at this same condo gathering every one of us made a homemade water bong out of a cut up gallon carton of milk and a bathtub filled with water. It was legitimately wild as hell! I don’t smoke marijuana this week, and I don’t suppose anyone who is growing hemp, growing hemp this week is legal in multiple states. Wow how the times have changed!


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