Trying a mouth spray to help with symptoms of ADD

I have suffered from ADD for years.

I used prescription pills to help me.

All throughout school I took adderall to help me focus. I was not happy being dependant on a pill & worried about the side effects on my health. Unfortunately, that was the only thing available to help me. Eventually, our state legalized both medical & recreational marijuana. When the first dispensary opened its doors, I made the trip to buy some cannabis products. I consulted with the budtender about the issues with me ADD. I wanted something to dial in my focus & calm me down. I was not willing to smoke cannabis. I did not like the idea of inhaling smoke into my lungs. I also wanted to avoid that high seansation. I hoped the cannabis product would provide a medical solution for me. The budtender understood my concerns and recommended the ideal options for me. I learned about mouth sprays that contain CBD. The budtender explained how a spray a few times a day was enough. Anytime I feel myself lose concentration and get agitated, I grab the spray & dose. The CBD in cannabis is what centers my concentration. I did not require a product that contains THC or deal with the high sensation. I am so happy with the mouth spray. I have not needed to turn to adderall since trying this cannabis product. I have thought about venturing into other products too. I have learned there are edibles. I plan to talk to the local bartender and ask for further recommendations.

Blue dream