We have an impressive warehouse cultivation facility at our cannabis dispensary

I was absolutely impressed when I started working at a local cannabis dispensary. The thing that I really loved the most was their warehouse cultivation facility. This was a very large warehouse grow room with all kinds of powerful HPS lights with massive ventilation systems. The plants were situated in a hydroponic set up so we basically had to provide the perfect amount of nutrients to the plants as needed. We would go around and check on the plants and check for any signs of pests or any growth complications. The people working at the cannabis dispensary were very skilled growers and I learned a great deal about growing cannabis working at the warehouse cultivation facility. It was cool to see how all the different strains of cannabis plants grew too. The Sativa plants were absolutely stunning with their impressive size and the buds were absolutely huge. Of course the Sativa plants needed the most light. I understand that Sativa bud is some of the best because it actually gives you an energetic high as opposed to feeling tired and a little sluggish with Indica plants. When I tried different Sativa strains at the cannabis dispensary, I was absolutely blown away. I ended up recommending a lot of Sativa strains to patients who would come in, but I did recommend a lot of CBD products and Indica strains as well. Some of the Indica strains are very important for patients who need to get a lot of rest. When you are able to rest, it helps the body heal naturally from various ailments. Also our CBD products are excellent for helping patients deal with pain.


Commercial grow room