We started a little garden of weeden

I can remember back when I first grew some cannabis plants.

I really enjoyed smoking cannabis because it always calmed my nerves and made me feel relaxed. I never believed all the nonsense that you learned in school about cannabis being bad for you. As a matter of fact, all the research I did on cannabis was quite the opposite. There are so many medicinal benefits, it’s insane. This one time a good friend of mine said that he got a few seeds from his cannabis. My other buddies were saying they were sorry that he had seeds, because that usually meant the quality of your cannabis would be diminished. I said this wasn’t a bad thing though because now we would be able to grow some of our own Cannabis plants. We decided to go out into the woods were nobody usually goes and we planted the seeds. It wasn’t long before those seeds germinated and we had some high growing cannabis plants. The problem was there were a few male plants that were making pollen. I didn’t even know that they had male and female plants, but that’s just how it works. The male plants were pollinating the female plants and the buds on the female plants were loaded with seeds. Don’t get me wrong, the buds were still really good and there was plenty of it, but then there were seeds getting all over the place. After a few years, that spot had a ton of cannabis plants growing all over the place in that area. We called it the garden of weeden, because there was more cannabis growing than ever before and it was really good stuff and it grew naturally.


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