Why ban something that we actually need?

While I’m not the most religious guy in the world, I certainly respect people and their religious beliefs.

I actually have a good buddy who happens to be Rastafarian.

I was amazed when he first started telling me about his religion which supports the use of cannabis for spiritual guidance and enlightenment. It’s funny because I have always smoked cannabis and it does make me feel at peace with nature. I probably wouldn’t become Rastafarian myself just because I agree with some of the teachings, but I entirely respect the religion. Of course, I enjoy cannabis for some medicinal purposes and especially recreational purposes. I love to be able to just smoke some cannabis whenever I feel the want without having to deal with negative people. When I am able to enjoy my cannabis, I always feel relaxed and at ease. I also have used it for medicinal purposes though such as sore muscles and chronic pain. Sometimes I would have the worst headaches and a little bit of cannabis oil would knock the migraine right out. It’s amazing how well cannabis works for some many different complications. It truly is a medicinal wonder and I think that everybody should be allowed to use this spectacular medicine. It drives me mad that cannabis was ever made illegal to begin with and it boggles my mind that it remains illegal in many places to date. Since when is it okay to make a plant illegal anyway? It’s a living thing! It provides us with oxygen just as plants and trees do, so why try to ban something that we actually need?


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