You can enjoy the cannabis plant without getting high by using CBD

Did you know that CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant and doesn’t get you high? Seriously now, CBD oil is the way to go these days if you are trying to benefit from the cannabis plant but you don’t enjoy the high that comes along with it.

It’s only natural that various types of medicines come along with some kind of effect or even side effects.

The good thing about taking cannabis is the fact that there are numerous benefits. The only downside for some people is the way cannabis makes you feel. Many people enjoy the feeling of euphoria that naturally comes to you when you take THC, but some people don’t like it at all. While it feels wonderful, it can make you feel a little foggy in the brain and you even tend to forget things. While cannabis does affect short-term memory, it actually doesn’t affect long term memory. The good news about CBD is that it doesn’t affect your memory at all, and you are able to enjoy many of the benefits from the cannabis plant. It helps with anxiety, chronic pain, muscle fatigue, and many other ailments. I honestly love to get both types of products from my cannabis dispensary, THC and CBD products. I enjoy the edibles immensely and I even use a vape pen from time to time. I enjoy all the wonderful flavors of CBD and THC vape cartridges. The cannabis dispensary always has something good in stock and I have tried most of the flavors and edibles. I think the brownies are my favorite.

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